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What are the benefits of single use towels?

single use towelsFor a long time, businesses in Australia that belong to the restaurant and hospitality industries relied on cotton towels to use for their customers. Recently, we saw the rise and benefits of single-use cold towels and hot towels. This article will tackle why we should consider this innovation. 

Helping you help the environment

Single-use towels can be used to replace your regular dentist towel or restaurant towel but encompass many benefits for the environment as they do not require a washing machine or dryer. Eliminating the need for electrical appliances can help businesses to save money on their water and energy bills.

Here at oshiklenz, we specialise in single-use towels. We even have available biodegradable single-use towels like this one which is also completely plant-based. This products’ life cycle is much shorter and less harmful to the environment when comparing it to other towels. 

Ease of use

For non-single use towels, you have the choice to launder the towels yourself or use a laundered service. Laundered services pose many problems such as minimum order quantity, where to hold the dirty towels until pick up, and shorter shelf life based on their packaging methods.

At Oshiklenz our full range of towels has been designed with ease of use in mind. Each towel simply needs to be opened upon serving. This allows for minimal waste and the highest level of hygiene. With a laundered service these towels can become worn and stained which is not appealing to clients and does not promote a good image for your restaurant, spa, or clinic. 

By using single-use towels your time can be used in servicing your clients and growing your business instead of storing, sorting, and maintaining towels.

Guests will feel that you care

While our oshibori or single-use towels may seem easy to overlook at first glance. There is no doubt that your guests and customers will appreciate the gesture and the experience of having a hot or cold towel always ready to be used. 

The simple act of offering a refreshing pre-moistened towel will make your company their preferred choice in the future. It’s also an elegant way to refresh and will always leave a lasting impression. Never underestimate the power of a simple sweet gesture!

It’s Versatile

Our oshibori or single-use towels are also versatile in their uses. Be it for cleaning up after dinner at a restaurant, extra pampering services in salons or spas, or even as a dentist towel for your clinic. You can rest assured that our cold towels and hot towels will never disappoint.

Our towels can be heated up or chilled depending on your needs using these hot towel warmers and chillers. Provide your guests with a blast of coolness or a soothing hot one!

Fully customizable and personalized packaging

Here at Oshiklenz, we help you convey your marketing message in a creative and unique way. Set your business apart from your competition by offering your customers our high quality 100% Cotton Single-use Towels or Washi Oshibori, printed with Your Company’s logo! What a great brand reminder for your customers of the unique, first Class experience they’ve had with your company.

Oshiklenz offers Custom printed single-use towels to help you build and enhance your own prestige brand and provide first-class service to your customers. You can design and print the towel packaging any way you wish, which makes it a great way to run special promotions.

We offer design services to help you achieve the look you’re after, or you can supply your own print ready artwork. For full printing specifications or for more information about this exclusive service, please contact us today.

For hygiene and virus protection

Aside from providing comfort and extra pampering, single-use towels also offer peace of mind to your clients. Many people right now are paranoid and quite conscious about contracting viruses from using a towel that has been used before – even if it’s washed. And you can’t blame them. 

So for sanitation and safety purposes, it’s ideal to offer single-use towels instead. Since these towels are only used on one client, the risk of cross-contamination between appointments is completely eliminated. These are just some of the numerous benefits of using single-use towels in your business. If you need further help and assistance in choosing the right product for you and your business, feel free to contact us.

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Are Bamboo Towels Eco Friendly? (What about the packaging?)

eco friendly towels

Eco-Friendly Towels? – We have the range

If you’re a business owner in Australia who makes a conscious effort to be eco-friendly and help the environment in its fight against pollution and global warming, then read on because this article will enlighten you.

For years now, cotton towels and bamboo towels are being pitted against each other and so far bamboo towels are winning because of their eco-friendly reputation. 

But lately, people are asking, “Are bamboo towels really eco-friendly?”. This article will try to answer that as well as its impact when used in oshibori or hot towels and if they are safe to use in a hot towel warmer

The short answer to this question is — YES. Bamboo towels are indeed eco-friendly because of the following reasons:

Bamboo is sustainable.

As one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, it doesn’t take much time to make Bamboo material. In fact, it is named as the fastest growing plant in the Guinness Book of Records. And although it produces strong natural fibres, it can also be used to create durable tissues and towels. 

It is technically a grass so it regrows as soon as you cut it. It reaches maturity within 7 years when planted and can be harvested every year after this. 

Unlike other plants that are more popular as raw materials for the fabric, there is no need to use harmful pesticides or fertilizers for Bamboo. Plus, it also produces 35% more oxygen and absorbs greenhouse gases.

Bamboo requires no additional chemical to give it physical strength and softness. It is not bleached and naturally antimicrobial. 

So yes, it’s pretty clear that Bamboo towels are really eco-friendly. 

But how about the packaging?

Single-use cold towels and hot towels are usually used for hygiene in different establishments like restaurants, spas, and clinics and that is why it’s great that they are made up of bamboo material. However, the packaging can be a different story. 

The good news is, there are towel wipes that are wrapped in 100% degradable wrapper like this one from our collection.

This is the perfect dentist towel and restaurant towel for every environment-friendly business in Australia. And it’s also perfect to use with our hot towel warmer.

ps that bamboo towels are super soft, lasts longer, versatile, and friendly to people with allergies. So we’re sure that it will be a hit to your patients and customers. 

Here at Oshiklenz, we are behind your mission in saving the environment that is why we are constantly on the lookout for products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

To see our complete catalogue, visit our website here or send us a message for inquiries at

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