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Are Bamboo Towels Eco Friendly? (What about the packaging?)

  Oshiklenz   Aug 05, 2020   News   0 Comment

eco friendly towels

Eco-Friendly Towels? – We have the range

If you’re a business owner in Australia who makes a conscious effort to be eco-friendly and help the environment in its fight against pollution and global warming, then read on because this article will enlighten you.

For years now, cotton towels and bamboo towels are being pitted against each other and so far bamboo towels are winning because of their eco-friendly reputation. 

But lately, people are asking, “Are bamboo towels really eco-friendly?”. This article will try to answer that as well as its impact when used in oshibori or hot towels and if they are safe to use in a hot towel warmer

The short answer to this question is — YES. Bamboo towels are indeed eco-friendly because of the following reasons:

Bamboo is sustainable.

As one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, it doesn’t take much time to make Bamboo material. In fact, it is named as the fastest growing plant in the Guinness Book of Records. And although it produces strong natural fibres, it can also be used to create durable tissues and towels. 

It is technically a grass so it regrows as soon as you cut it. It reaches maturity within 7 years when planted and can be harvested every year after this. 

Unlike other plants that are more popular as raw materials for the fabric, there is no need to use harmful pesticides or fertilizers for Bamboo. Plus, it also produces 35% more oxygen and absorbs greenhouse gases.

Bamboo requires no additional chemical to give it physical strength and softness. It is not bleached and naturally antimicrobial. 

So yes, it’s pretty clear that Bamboo towels are really eco-friendly. 

But how about the packaging?

Single-use cold towels and hot towels are usually used for hygiene in different establishments like restaurants, spas, and clinics and that is why it’s great that they are made up of bamboo material. However, the packaging can be a different story. 

The good news is, there are towel wipes that are wrapped in 100% degradable wrapper like this one from our collection.

This is the perfect dentist towel and restaurant towel for every environment-friendly business in Australia. And it’s also perfect to use with our hot towel warmer.

ps that bamboo towels are super soft, lasts longer, versatile, and friendly to people with allergies. So we’re sure that it will be a hit to your patients and customers. 

Here at Oshiklenz, we are behind your mission in saving the environment that is why we are constantly on the lookout for products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

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