Hot Towel Cabi Warmers & Chillers

Oshiklenz offers a comprehensive range of deluxe Japanese Hot towel warmers and chillers. Available in several machine sizes to cater for any business, large or small. Due to them being compact and portable, they can be placed in discrete, convenient locations within your establishment. They don’t require water and have no moving parts, providing greater peace of mind, durability and reliability.

We are the exclusive Australian importer of Taiji Hot Towel warmers. The world leader in providing the highest quality warmers and chillers. Our relationship spans more than 10 years and is based on the fundamentals of a quality product, that performs flawlessly year after year.

Anyone who has purchased one of our warmers will confirm how easy, and economically our warmers are to use, and they never fail.

Our warmers have been installed, for more than a decade in restaurants, gaming lounges, casinos, barbershops, beauty salons, dentists, nursing homes, hair salons, gyms etc.

The quality of a hot towel is largely determined by the warmer it is held in. Therefore some warmers that are cheaply designed dry out and burn towels. Our Warmers don’t have that issue due to their unique design of the whole cabinet being surrounded by a warming blanket as opposed to an element just on the bottom. Consistent temperature is critical in providing hot towels. Check out this blog post named “What’s the best Towel Warmer”.

Used in conjunction with our Aroma Chips, Oshiklenz deluxe hot towel warmers deliver hygiene and freshness on demand.

Products Features

  Compact and portable.
  No water required.
  Warmers and chillers.
  No moving parts.
  Durable and reliable.
  Made in Japan.
  Aroma Chip compatible

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