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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Frequently asked questions with their answers below. Oshiklenz is Australia’s Leading Provider of Hot Towels and Hot Towel Warmers for more than 10 years. This makes us uniquely qualified to answer many frequently asked questions by our customer in Australia and New Zealand

We have been manufacturing cotton towels and importing hot towel warmers and chillers from Japan for many years. We have implemented our products into many different types of businesses. Because of this we have experienced many situations and have the knowledge and experience to answer the questions and provide the right advice.

Will Hot Towels suit my business?

Businesses including, gyms, beauty salons, restaurants, casinos, airlines, nursing homes etc. Due to this vast variety of businesses we appreciate our products are used in different ways with different requirements. We have seen most situations and we are happy for you to contact us if you don’t find the answer in our frequently asked questions below.


With our system there is no button-pushing, dial turning or wait time.
Towels are always at the right temperature and ready to use.

Our towels are 100% cotton, pre-moistened, biodegradable and disposable.
They are strong, soft and contain no alcohol.

Our warmer requires virtually no maintenance. It has one switch: on/off.
It will never rust and the only maintenance required is to drain the condensation tray occasionally.

Our towels are individually wrapped in easy-opening, sanitary packaging.

Our units are small and compact with a 300mm by 300mm footprint.

Because our towels are individually wrapped and can be taken to the customer, client or patient wrapped, they maintain their heat much longer than towels that are not wrapped

  • Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product at a competitive price.
  • Compare prices – we think you will find both our up front and towelette costs are very competitive.
  • In the end, no matter which system you buy, it’s use will be determined by its convenience.
  • If the unit requires extra steps to add water, set dials, etc, it will soon be just a machine on your counter that never gets used.
  • Our system was designed with convenience in mind. Plug it in,turn it on, load towels in the morning and they are always ready throughout the day.

Our standard towelettes are moistened with distilled water and individually wrapped in easy opening,sanitary sleeves. As an option, our Aroma Chips can be used in conjunction with the standard towels to produce a lightly scented towelette. The fragrances available in our Aroma Chip range are: Lemon, Humming and Jasmine.

Each towel on the market is different, but our towels boast the following unique features:Our towels are not made of paper and will not rip easily nor disintegrate like paper based products.Our towels are 100% cotton – stronger and softer – than paper. In addition, our towels are moistened with water, not alcohol so they will not dry out your skin.

Warming time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the type and quantity of towels in the warmer. Once towels reach the appropriate temperature the warmer keeps them at that temperature throughout the day.

We don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons. First, microwaves tend to heat unevenly leaving part of the towel cold and part too hot to handle. Our warmers maintain the towels at a consistent70 degrees Celsius throughout.

The second reason we don’t recommend microwaves is a matter of convenience. The microwave requires extra steps to set the time, wait for it to heat, etc. With our warmers, the towels are always ready. There is no dial setting, no waiting, just place the towels in the unit at the start of the day and, after initial warming, they are kept hot and ready throughout the day.

We don’t recommend leaving towels in the warmer overnight. They will dry out and in some cases, discoloration may occur.

No, our towels are packaged to maintain moisture content and prevent them from drying out if stored correctly (Away from heat and sunlight)

We have a range of warmers and depending on your requirements they will hold 50-300 disposable towels. However, we recommend that you only place as many towels as you will need for the day in the warmer in the morning.

  • Our warmers require very little maintenance. They have only one switch: on/off.
  • Simply turn the warmer on in the morning, load it with towels and then turn it off at night. It is that easy.

The only other maintenance item is draining the condensation tray on a weekly basis.The tray collects condensation from the heating towels. It is located directly under the door and slides in and out without any tools.

The minimum piece order for labeling Oshiklenz products are:

– 100% Cotton Towels: 150 cartons
– Towel Warmers: 100 units

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