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How to use hot towels in my restaurant?

If you’re a restaurant owner in Australia, by now you have already heard about hot towels or in particular the concept of oshibori. Oshibori is a wet hand towel (hot or cold depending on the season) that’s offered to customers of restaurants, dental clinics, and day spas, etc to refresh themselves.  In case you’re wondering […]

Why You Should Use How Towels in Your Dental Practice

Should use Towels in Your Dental Practice? Hot towels were traditionally used in service-based businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, and spas. In this article, we will explore why dentists are also starting to use hot towels in their practices. Let’s see why Towels in Your Dental Practice…. A hot towel that comes directly from a […]

What are the benefits of single use towels?

For a long time, businesses in Australia that belong to the restaurant and hospitality industries relied on cotton towels to use for their customers. Recently, we saw the rise and benefits of single-use cold towels and hot towels. This article will tackle why we should consider this innovation.  Helping you help the environment Single use […]

Are Bamboo Towels Eco Friendly? (What about the packaging?)

Eco-Friendly Towels? – We have the range If you’re a business owner in Australia who makes a conscious effort to be eco-friendly and help the environment in its fight against pollution and global warming, then read on because this article will enlighten you. For years now, cotton towels and bamboo towels are being pitted against […]

Can You Put Wet Towels in a Towel Warmer?

If you own a business in Australia that belongs to the service industry like restaurants, spas, or dental clinics, you may already own a towel warmer or looking to buy new ones. In order to prolong the life of your equipment, there’s one important question that you may be asking: Can you put wet towels […]

What’s the Best Towel Warmer?

  What’s the best Towel Warmer in Australia? If you’re currently using hot towels (Oshibori) and are looking for the best towel warmer to invest in, this article is perfect for you so read on.  While some may argue that you can just use a microwave oven to reheat your hot towels, it’s not really […]

Are Towel Warmers Worth It?

I’m sure you’ve heard about towel warmers and wondered whether towel warmers are worth it, but never had the time to do any research and find out whether or not they could be useful in your business. That’s understandable since towel warmers are often considered an unnecessary accessory by some. However, when you get to […]

5 Reasons Why People Use Hot Towels (and why you should too)

Have you heard of Oshibori? For those who are not familiar, Oshibori literally translates to “wet wipe” or what we call hot towels. It’s commonly used in Japan in restaurants, bars, offices, salons and anywhere where you want to spoil your customer or make a good impression. Oshiklenz came from the word Oshibori plus Cleanliness [...]

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