Disposable Single Use Hot Towels & Wipes

Oshiklenz offers a complete range of 100% bio-degradable, disposable single-use Cotton Hot Towels and Wipes, Dry Airline Towels, Japanese Washi Oshibori Towels and HACCP certified Oshiklenz Smart towel Hysoflex & BIO-D wipes. Our towels and wipes come pre-moistened and can be lightly scented for convenient hygiene and freshness. Each disposable towel & wipes are either rolled or folded and individually packaged, they can be used as Hot towels or Cold towels in an endless number of applications, including; Restaurants, Cafe Catering, Dentists, Beauticians, Gyms, Airlines, Medical, Hotels, Boardrooms, Casinos, Gaming lounges, Camping/Outdoor Activities, Sports, and more!

Oshiklenz Smartowel Bio-D is a green, sustainable solution to solve the day to day problems of consumers while improving their own personal environment in a more responsible way. Our towels and wipes are perfect for freshening up before or after a meal, after a dentist appointment, sporting activities, restaurant dining or even leave a few in the car. They make wiping grubby hands and faces a breeze and are perfect for removing beauty products or simply as a refreshing ‘pick-me-up’ during your busy day.

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