Custom Printed Towels and Oshibori

Convey your marketing message in a Creative and Unique way. Set your business apart from your competition by offering your customers our High Quality 100% Cotton Single use Towels or Washi Oshibori, printed with Your Company’s logo! What a great brand reminder for your customers of the unique, First Class experience they’ve had with your company.

Oshiklenz offers this Custom printing service to help you build and enhance your own prestige brand and eliminates all the expensive development costs of providing this First Class service to your customers. You can design and print the towel packaging any way you wish, which makes it a great way to run special promotions or simply ensure your brand gets the most mileage out of additional exposure in the market place.

We offer design services to help you achieve the look you’re after, or you can supply your own print ready artwork. For full printing specifications or for more information about this exclusive service, please contact us today.

We have supplied Custom Single use Towels to Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Schools etc, so we can advise on what would be the most effective option for your business.

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