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Working in Uncommon Fields of Expertise While Location Independent

  Oshiklenz   Jan 14, 2022   News   0 Comment

Working in Uncommon Fields of Expertise While Location Independent

Having a location independent career has been gaining popularity in recent years. And it became even more popular when the pandemic hit last 2020. Does an offbeat career sound exciting to you? Well, you’re not alone! 

This article aims to discuss various location-independent careers you can try if you’re currently looking for one. Read on and if you’re already enjoying this type of career, congratulations! 

More people today are choosing to work in less common fields of expertise they’re passionate about. Whether it’s creating videos on youtube, raising funds for a cause, or even pet sitting, people want to do something they love. And they want to do it without being bound to a desk from 9-5. 

Location-independent workers come from hundreds of different industries. Including but not limited to tech, fashion, health, entertainment, and even the culinary world. 

Here are some of the most sought after location independent careers:

Freelancer This no longer comes as a surprise.  A lot of location independent workers start as freelancers or transition in these roles later on. Among the most popular ones are freelance writers and designers, virtual assistants, software developers, and even freelance voice talent. That’s the beauty of being a freelancer in today’s world – you can find work in nearly any industry. 

What makes it location independent: Freelancers are in charge of their own schedules and they can work anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection and electricity. 

Entrepreneur Entrepreneurs are smart, savvy, forward thinkers who are always two steps ahead of everyone. They have minds that are meant to challenge the status quo which makes them perfect for a location-independent lifestyle. 

The industry doesn’t matter – we’ve seen pretty much every iteration of entrepreneurship from online fitness experts to cryptocurrency gurus. 

Why it works as a location-independent career: Simply put, entrepreneurs are the captains of their own ship and they don’t answer to anyone. Most (if not all) of them can run their business effectively from a purely digital perspective. 

Consultant The term “consultant” can cover a lot of different bases. This is why it may be one of the more popular locations for independent careers. While it’s true that some consultants are in the tech industry. We’ve seen others come in from the legal, marketing, and financial fields. 

Why it works: Even if they work in a traditional office setting, the job of consultants. Involves a lot of traveling so it’s easy to see how location independence can fit into their lifestyle. 

Content creator Being a content creator is arguably the most popular job nowadays and it’s used to describe a multitude of jobs across a variety of industries. 

A content creator can be someone who writes blog posts, interviews people on a podcast, creates videos on youtube, among others. These people are usually wildly creative and find working in a corporate environment to be unbearable. 

Why it works: Needless to say, content creators are prime prospects for location independence because they can’t fulfill their jobs in an office setting. For example, a blog writer would need to work wherever they feel inspired and youtube content creators need to be in different places depending on their content material. 

As our society becomes more interconnected and more reliant on the digital world, we’ll see more and more careers in the location-independent space. 

Being location independent means you’re always on the move and your things should also adjust to this lifestyle. However, your safety should not be compromised. 

Here at Oshiklenz we make sure that you always have options. Even if you move around a lot, you can keep your things sanitized by always having these alcohol wipes in your bag. You can also have refreshing hot towels on demand if you like. 

Who knows, you can even start a business remotely by distributing these products to wellness clinics and restaurants. If you’re interested, you can inquire by calling (+61) 2 9533 2211 or email and our customer representatives will be standing by to assist you. 

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