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Why use hot towels in gaming areas and casinos?

  Oshiklenz   Oct 08, 2020   News   0 Comment

hot towels gaming areas

Nowadays, hot towels are already a staple in service-based establishments like restaurants, clinics, spas, and salons. This article explores why use hot towels in gaming areas and casinos business. 

Gaming and Casino establishments are all about relaxation and having fun. Shift managers and casino guest relation officers strive to create and provide a completely relaxing experience. For each client with the goal of turning them from one time visitors into regular customers. This means providing maximum relaxation from the casino layout to quality services and everything in between.

Why use hot towels in gaming areas and casinos? From a business perspective, the goal in any gaming and casino establishment is to keep them playing as long as you can. Gaming managers continually look for ways to keep their patrons having fun and continuing to play. Many establishments offer complimentary food and drinks, nuts and/or lollies, etc.

One of the simplest ways to improve the gaming and casino experience is the use of hot towels. They are cheap but classic perks that can be used by clients while waiting or as part of any service. Clients will appreciate the effects of a clean and hot towel whether they are used on the face or any part of the body and it will make them feel fresh and invigorated.

Below are some ideas about how you can use hot towels in your gaming and casino business:

Upon entering.

You can offer hot towels to your customers upon entering the establishment. By doing this, you can make them feel at home and comfortable as soon as they set foot in your establishment. 

When you serve drinks.

Another way you can utilize hot towels in a casino business is to offer it along with their drinks. This can help them feel calm especially when things begin to feel a little tense during high bet games. 

During meals.

All casinos have restaurants and it’s a big plus when you offer hot towels before and after meals. This can be used as regular oshibori – to wipe their hands after eating. 

Upon request.

You can also make hot towels available upon request from a customer. It’s always good to have one ready especially when customers are starting to get tense. A hot towel can provide a sense of calm and relaxation in the middle of a game that involves high stake bets.

Set intervals.

Without annoying the player it is ideal to interact with them at set intervals to make sure they keep playing. One interval may be to offer them a drink or snack, then the next interval to offer them a hot or cold towel to help refresh them. 

You have to make sure that you always have a steady supply of hot towels that are kept fresh and warm. There are different ways to heat towels. They can be kept in hot water or heated in a microwave. 

However, keeping them in hot water for extended periods can cause bacterial growth, and warming them up in the microwave can be energy-consuming. 

Business establishments that use hot towels regularly to service clients use towel warmers instead. This is ideal since it’s both hygienic and economical. Check out our wide range of towel warmers here and we also have package deals you can choose from depending on your business type and usage volumes. 

In the end, business owners always have their customer’s needs in mind, and providing hot towels may be a small thing at first glance but these sincere gestures are what your customers will remember. They will never forget how you made them feel. 

Try using hot towels now for your gaming and casino establishment. If you have specific needs or questions you want to discuss, feel free to send us an email at or call (+61)2 9533 2211.

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