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The rise of food delivery services since COVID

  Oshiklenz   Aug 24, 2021   News   0 Comment

The rise of food delivery services since COVID

With the rise of food delivery services since COVID, and with more people being stuck at home during the pandemic. Food delivery services have become more important than ever for both business owners and their customers. And with more people being stuck at home during the pandemic. Food delivery services have become more important than ever for business owners and their customers. 

With social distancing as the new norm, consumers are clamoring to have their favorite food delivered. Instead of consuming it in a restaurant. Food delivery services are in demand and they are partnering with businesses large and small. 

Many restaurants are now closed for business mainly due to health and safety concerns. However, this does not mean they won’t be able to meet the consumers’ need for variety, comfort, and indulgence. Thus, the rise of food delivery services. 

This article will try to explain how restaurant owners as well as food delivery companies respond and adjust to this new high demand. 

Responding to demand and health risks. Even with food delivery being safer than dining in an actual restaurant, some customers are still concerned about health safety. 

To respond to this, food delivery services have launched leave at your door service to help drivers and customers adhere to social distancing guidelines. Most restaurants have published guidelines around hygiene and food safety for employees. 

There are also a lot of philanthropy and goodwill acts being performed by food delivery services from delivering free meals to healthcare workers and the elderly to waiving delivery and activation fees for restaurants in an effort to help keep small businesses afloat. 

Taking action to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Needless to say, there is a huge benefit to addressing food safety and health concerns straight on. As all know, hygiene is key to stopping the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, it’s beneficial for restaurants to let customers know the efforts being taken by their kitchen and delivery staff to stop the spread of the virus. 

In addition to strict food hygiene standards, customers will also feel safe when they know that their favorite restaurants have the following:

  • New practices for social distancing in the kitchen, in queues, or during delivery pickups. 
  • A policy for staff members who display Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Any updates to standard practices and cleaning processes.
  • Changes in food delivery, such as containers that allow for easier disinfection or a better customer experience. 

Even after numerous hygiene and safety protocols being taken by restaurants, some customers remain worried about the transmission of Covid-19 through food delivery, but there’s no evidence yet that the virus can be spread through food or packaging. 

Still, it’s recommended that customers maintain good hygiene practices when accepting deliveries, such as wiping down and/or disposing of packaging and washing their hands thoroughly before and after handling food and eating. Spreading the word about these best practices can also contribute to perceptions of better customer service. 

For the restaurant’s part, steps can be taken to show customers that they are really concerned about safety and hygiene. One simple action they can take is providing hot towels and disinfectant wipes together with the food being delivered. Just a small move that will greatly impact the customers’ perception of the restaurant as a whole. 

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