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The Importance of Hygiene In Your Business

  Oshiklenz   Jan 19, 2021   News   0 Comment

It’s no doubt that hygiene and sanitation are two of the most important factors in your business. Especially now that we are undergoing a worldwide pandemic due to Covid 19. Hygiene is something that business owners should always prioritize since failure to do so poses health hazards. 

This article will discuss 5 points why hygiene is an essential part of your business’ day to day existence. 

  1. Your customers will appreciate it. Since we are still under a pandemic, simple yet essential steps should be taken to keep your establishment hygienic. This is not only for the benefit of your employees but more importantly, for your customers. 

Once they notice that you practice all safety and hygiene guidelines. Like providing a sanitation station, QR sign-ins, regular disinfection of your space, among others they will surely keep your business on the top of their list. This will not only keep your loyal customers – it will also help you make new ones. 

  1. Keep your employees safe and happy. Happy and content employees provide the highest level of work and they are more driven to do their jobs well. A neat and clean work environment can greatly influence employee satisfaction and will also put their mind at ease. 

Some measures you can practice in your  own workplace are the following:

  • Regular disinfection of common areas, floors, windows, doorknobs. 
  • Keep a sanitation station exclusive for employees complete with alcohol wipes, soap, facemasks, and their own stocks of germ busting antibacterial wipes
  • Scent the rooms with natural air fresheners in regular intervals. 
  1. You will keep everyone safe. By keeping your establishment hygienic and regularly sanitized, you will keep viruses and bacteria at bay. This means everyone who will visit your place will be safe and the probability of catching C-19  will be zero. 

This also means more customers will be confident to visit your establishment and your employees can do their job well because their minds will always be at ease. 

  1. You will always be ready for safety inspections. If there’s already a regular sanitation schedule in your establishment, you will never be caught off guard by government departments who regularly conduct health and safety checks. 

This will save you time that you can instead use to service your customers. 

  1. You will be popular with your customers. News spread fast. When more and more people visit your establishment and they see how you give importance to hygiene, they will surely tell it to their friends and family. And through word of mouth, you will be popular and will gain new loyal customers despite the pandemic. 

We hope you find these tips useful especially if you’re running a business in the hospitality and wellness industry like spas, clinics, and restaurants. If you’re looking for extra steps to take in order to maintain a strict hygiene protocol, you can check out our hot towel packages. 

You can also contact us directly if you have special requests or if you want to arrange regular delivery for your establishment. Our customer service department can be reached here.

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