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Restaurant Hygiene and Safety During Covid-19

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Restaurant Hygiene and Safety During Covid-19

Restaurant Hygiene and Safety During Covid-19. We still remember the times when restaurants were humming with energy and serving a full house. Food safety was part of regular practice, but maybe not the number one thing on the minds of restaurant owners. Not like now.

Because of the pandemic, restaurateurs worldwide have been forced to adapt to safety protocols including social distancing practices. This unprecedented situation has many people concerned for their health and unsure whether their favourite neighbourhood restaurant practices safety protocols and values hygiene like them. 

This is a very valid concern especially since we are all trying to thrive in the “new normal”. This article will shed light on how restaurants observe general hygiene and overall safety in the time of Covid-19. 

Layout. One of the most basic changes restaurants underwent during the pandemic is changing the house layout of their establishment. 

The new layout should be able to accommodate long-term social distancing. This is regardless if you offer fast food or a sit-down dining experience. 

Having said this, social distancing rules are continually changing. However, whether it’s 6 feet or less it’s a measure that’s likely to stay for a long time. That’s why restaurants are adapting their layouts on a more permanent basis to avoid being time-consuming and incurring extra costs. 

For example, sit-in restaurants create practical sitting arrangements that ensure the right distance between diners. 

Similar principles are applied to fast-food restaurants. Some also introduce temporary plastic protective screens to counters that can be easily removed and will cause minimal disruption to daily operations.

Clean, clean, and clean again. The restaurant industry has always had to adhere to strict health and safety protocols for obvious reasons. But in the midst of the pandemic, it only became more strict with continued emphasis on hygiene both in and out of the kitchen.

Maintaining these standards means restaurants have to adapt to even more rigorous cleaning schedules. These include daily deep cleans and frequent spot cleans of high-touch surfaces and busy areas. And of course, cleaning the table after every diner. 

While these cleaning routines can be viewed as time-consuming, it’s more cost-effective to view it as a long-term investment. Investing in an efficient cleaning protocol could be the key to future-proofing restaurants and maintaining the confidence of diners and customers.

Personal Hygiene. Personal hygiene is arguably been the key focus point across many industries since the outbreak began and we’re far from seeing the end of it yet. 

Business owners who are looking to respond to the “new normal” prioritize the hygiene habits of their staff and customers alike. 

Some steps being taken by restaurant owners are:

  • Investing in hand sanitiser stations and stocking up on sanitiser solutions ensuring that they are always accessible throughout the kitchen, dining area, and restrooms. 
  • Providing kitchen staff and servers with proper safety gear including PPE, face masks, and gloves. 
  • Providing hot towels to customers can help in building confidence that the restaurant is doing everything to ensure that hygiene and safety practices are observed. 

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