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Reduction in Flu Deaths

  Oshiklenz   Nov 06, 2020   News   0 Comment

Reduction in Flu Deaths

And What You Can Do To Further Reduce Your Chances of Infection


According to experts thousands of flu deaths in Australia have been avoided due to the lockdown measures used to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Reduction in Flu Deaths

This article will tackle the factors that are beneficial for the drop of flu and influenza cases in 2020 and how you can further reduce your chances of infection. 

What are the measures are taken by the government that are instrumental to this big drop? Reduction in Flu Deaths

Some of the safety measures imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 that have significantly reduced flu and influenza cases. Are the following reduction in flu deaths

School closures. Schools have been closed ever since the outbreak and students are now being taught inside their homes via online classes. 

Social distancing. A minimum of 1.5 meters distance should be observed when in public spaces. This is very helpful since physical contact is reduced which makes infection highly unlikely.

Hand hygiene. During the pandemic, almost everyone has developed good handwashing habits. This practically eliminates the possibility of virus transmission especially since we use our hands to touch a variety of things.

Border closures. And of course, border closures helped a lot as well. By keeping the borders closed, it became easier for the government to contain the virus. 

This goes to show that many if not all the measures maintained in the community helps in keeping the flu and influenza cases at a minimum. 

What can we do to keep ourselves safe and keep flu cases low? 

Apart from the standard health safety protocols, below are some other ways we can keep ourselves safe from flu and other viruses:

Plan your daily activities. Plan your activities in advance so you will know the days when you’ll have to go out. This way, you can already prepare everything you need to buy and the errands you need to do, minimizing the need to go out more. 

Always carry safety gear. Aside from face masks, you should always bring hand sanitiser for those times when soap and water is not available and disinfecting spray to clean surfaces and handles. 

Aside from alcohol and disinfecting sprays, one handy thing you can always bring are wet wipes and towelettes. We have a wide variety of wet wipes and towels like antibacterial wipes, biodegradable wipes, and even alcohol wipes. The rest of our collection can be found here.

Eat healthy. Aside from all the safety protocols mentioned, one major factor we should consider is to keep ourselves healthy so we can have a bigger chance of fighting illness. We can do this by looking after what we eat and choosing organic and preservative-free food as much as possible. 

This major drop in flu cases is good news for everyone. However, we must still be careful and maintain safety habits. Besides, no one can predict the future and we have no idea how this will affect the cases for next year. 

For now, it’s best to do everything we can to protect ourselves and our family. We are looking forward to being of service to you doing the thing we do best and that is providing great quality products at exceptional prices. Talk to us and let’s discuss what you need. Contact us here.

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