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Key Benefits of Listening To Your Customers

  Oshiklenz   May 13, 2021   News   0 Comment

Key Benefits of Listening To Your Customers

Key Benefits of Listening To Your Customers.

Many businesses are scared of customer reviews and feedback that they sometimes resort to disabling them in their social media pages altogether. Not realizing how beneficial it is to their business. 

In case you haven’t noticed, these days customers have a voice louder than ever. In this article, we will discuss the key benefits of listening to your customers and how they can help your business. 

Customer feedback can help you improve your product or service.

Listening to your customers through their feedback can be a great source of learning. Especially if this feedback is coming from customers who are not too happy with your product. 

At the onset, this sounds contradictory but when you think about it. This type of feedback can give you valuable insight that will allow you to fill the gap between their expectations and what a company is able to deliver. 

Customer reviews can help you understand what customers want, then reply to make them feel that you are listening. 

Customers are your best testers.

No matter how many rigorous and complicated tests you do, your customers will always find some creative way to find loopholes in your product or service. So in a way, customers are your best beta testers. 

This is the main reason why businesses invest in sample products, prototypes, and early access products. This gives them actual results they can work on at the same time learn surprising details about their products, services, and business overall. 

Listening to your customers increases their spending.

It’s quite simple, really. If you keep making your customers happy, they will buy more. And what makes them happy in addition to great service and overall customer experience is the feeling of being heard. You can show them that you value their feedback by listening and replying when they mention you on social media. 

Listening to your customers can help fine-tune your brand voice.

Listening to customer feedback keeps you informed whether customers are happy (or not) with your product or service. If they don’t believe that you make an effort to try to understand them. They may start looking for new businesses to engage with. 

Customer feedback can also help in creating your brand voice since they are the ones you are talking to in your social media and other marketing collaterals. Meaning, they can tell if your brand voice is relatable or not. 

Listening to your customers can help in building a relationship.

When a customer reaches out with a concern, your job is to get to the bottom of their issue. 

You can do this by asking questions and trying to understand their needs and what caused the issue. This kind of approach, instead of insisting on one resolution that you think is best will benefit your business in the end. 

Once a customer feels that you empathize with them and their emotions, they will become loyal brand ambassadors. This increases customer lifetime value. 

For this reason, Oshiklenz has spent lots of time with their customers, in their businesses really seeing how the customer interacts with our range of products.

Beauty salons and day spas have different requirements to restaurants, gyms or dentists, etc. So it has been important to us as Oshiklenz to listen to our customers and alter our products and packaging to suit our client’s needs. Sometimes it’s about scent, sometimes they are looking for an environmental solution or a way to heat or chill their towels.

We became the leading hot towel provider in Australia, by listening to our clients and adjusting to the needs of their businesses.

Remember, happy customers, spread through word of mouth about the good experience they get from your establishment. They are more likely to talk about it with their friends and family in person or through social media. 

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