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Hygiene Starts With You (The importance of having wipes on hand)  

  Oshiklenz   Oct 22, 2020   News   0 Comment

Hygiene Starts With You (The importance of having wipes on hand)  

Hygiene Starts With You. This article tackles the importance of having effective and convenient wipes on hand.

Never before has Hygiene been more important. It’s been months since the spread of coronavirus plagued the whole world. It induced a mass hysteria that included panic buying of tissues and cleaning supplies. 

People are advised to stay at home to help combat the virus. And now, as we enter the latter part of the year lockdowns are being lifted and life is slowly going back to (new) normal. 

If there’s one thing that almost all of us are accustomed to is washing of hands. However, not all the places we visit have sinks we can use to wash our hands. That’s why hand sanitizers, pocket-sized alcohol, and antibacterial wipes are flying off the shelves. 

Antibacterial wipes can be made of several materials ranging from non-woven cellulose to recyclable non-woven polyester and polypropylene wipes, to biodegradable fabrics ranging in quality and thickness.

Here at Oshiklenz, we offer a wide variety of hot towels and wipes that are useful especially during these times when Hygiene is top of mind. 

What exactly do antibacterial wipes do?

When used on the skin, wet wipes or antibacterial wipes can help decrease or completely eradicate the presence of bacteria, viruses, and germs. So it’s easy to see why it’s a must to have in your bag or in your car especially if you don’t have access to soap and water. 

Why do we need them?

If you have a business, especially in the hospitality and service industry, using antibacterial wipes can help prevent the spread of disease and infection in your establishment. Keeping your guests, employees, and your entire reputation safe. 

Aside from their importance, they are also fairly easy to use. Your customers and employees will appreciate the simplicity of grabbing a wipe to clean and disinfect an area or wipe their hands without the need for other supplies like spray bottles, towels, soaps, and water. 

They are also pretty convenient. You can just put them in your bag for personal use or place a box of individually wrapped antibacterial wipes near high-traffic areas in your establishment to make it effortless for guests and staff to quickly sanitize their hands.

Using them also saves you money in the long run. When you order in large quantities, you can ask for a bulk order discount. In Oshiklenz, you can even pre-arrange and schedule deliveries of your order so you no longer have to call every time you run out of wipes. 

They are friendly to the environment. There are biodegradable wipes like the Oshiklenz BIO-D Wipes that you can use without the guilt of harming the environment. 

With hygiene being one of the highest priorities for everyone at the moment. Having wet wipes always ready for personal use and in your business is ideal.  They are handy and help to eliminate any risk and require no complex preparation or dilution of disinfectants. They are always ready to use for your convenience. 

So, waste no time and call us now at (+61) 2 9533 2211 or email We will be glad to assist you with your needs. 

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