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How to use hot towels in my restaurant?

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How to use hot towels in my restaurant

If you’re a restaurant owner in Australia, by now you have already heard about hot towels or in particular the concept of oshibori. Oshibori is a wet hand towel (hot or cold depending on the season) that’s offered to customers of restaurants, dental clinics, and day spas, etc to refresh themselves. 

In case you’re wondering how to use hot towels in your own restaurant business, then read on because this article will talk about that.

Restaurant owners often look at hot towels as an alternative to paper or linen napkins they already have in place.

Hot towels can be used after and during a dining experience for the guests to clean their hands and mouth. Like they traditionally do with a paper or linen napkin. However, a cotton towel that is served either hot or cold sets the mood for the dining experience. The customer is delighted to be given a towel. As they sit down and the feel of a hot or cold towel in their hands can feel. Cleansing and relaxing, or cool and refreshing.

First of all, always make sure that your hot towels are strategically placed depending on the circumstance. If it’s for a regular dining experience. You can choose to include it in the table setting so the customers can use it before eating. You can also choose to offer it after the meal so they can feel refreshed. 

However, if there’s an event in your restaurant. The hot towels can be placed on a tray near the buffet table so customers can easily reach it anytime.

Here at Oshiklenz, you have plenty of options ranging from the most popular cotton towels to more environmentally friendly biodegradable ones. Depending on the situation, you may serve it to the customers. In the packaging, or remove and offer to guests and customers using sterilized tongs. 

Just a word of caution, towels coming out of the warmer. Will be hot so care should always be taken in preparing and serving them.

A sales opportunity

As business owners, we are continually striving to offer a unique service for our customers but we are also looking for opportunities to advance our businesses. When guests arrive at a restaurant, as they are sitting down and about to look at the menu, placing a hot or cold towel in their hands and asking for a drink order to start, is very effective. 

Customers often feel pushed when they are still in the process of sitting down and yet to look at a menu, to be asked for a drink order, however when they are receiving a luxurious hot or cold cotton towel at the same towel, they feel like they are giving and receiving at the same time. It has proven to be successful with many of our clients.

How to prepare and proper maintenance

Your hot towels can be stored ready for guests and customers in a hot towel warmer and the team can turn it on every morning. There should be an allowance of 30 minutes to heat and steam a cabinet full of towels. Alternatively, it can also be left plugged in and left consistently stocked. With hot towels since hot towel warmers use very little electricity. You can also consider adding a scent like our aroma chips to give an extra sensory element to the experience.

While not in use, hot towels should be kept in a cool dry place until needed. Individually wrapped towels have a longer shelf life if stored under such conditions. Oshiklenz offers choices on order quantities as well as shipping times so you must keep this in mind when ordering. 

Here at Oshiklenz, we suggest only ordering a few weeks’ worth of stock at a time since delivery only takes a few days. This is to ensure that you always have fresh hot towels to serve your customers. 

You can also talk to us about sending your orders on pre-arranged schedules, meaning you don’t have to call us and order every single time you run out of hot towels. We can also accommodate special requests that you may need. 

If you have questions about our products or would like to know more before ordering, we will gladly assist you. Just call us at (+61) 2 9533 2211 or email You can also visit our website at

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