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How Individual Values Influence Your Business

  Oshiklenz   Oct 21, 2021   News   0 Comment

How do individual values influence your business? Ideally, we would all like to conduct our business in a world that embodies our values. But what if there’s a disconnect? How do your personal values affect your business decisions? This article will try to examine the intersection of individual values and business decisions. 

Before we go on further, let’s discuss what values are. Your values describe what is important to you in the way you live your life. They give meaning to your life and are the foundation for your beliefs. They influence your decisions, actions, and behaviors and impact the life you choose to lead. 

Everyone has a set of values with varying degrees of importance given to each value. Some of these values are happiness, optimism, compassion, kindness, loyalty, fun, professionalism, and accuracy. 

So how do personal values impact how you run your business? Let’s take a look at some examples:

Understanding employee behaviour. One’s behaviour is not only a function of our personality, values, and preferences but also of the situation. We interpret our environment, formulate responses, and act accordingly. 

Many leaders are busy, stressed and they have to focus on the bottom line. They don’t have too much time to care about feelings, well-being, etc. That is understandable on a personal level. But the fact is that concentrating on those seemingly less important and urgent issues would significantly help them in achieving all their business priorities and goals. 

Stimulate vision and inspire others. As a business owner, your job is to create a vision and to inspire others to make that vision a reality. In order for your employees to be passionate about what they are doing, you have to possess great energy. You have to spark excitement and achieve results. 

This may sound counterintuitive to some, but a great leader sometimes needs to focus less on the numbers and more on the values of building a team. Other areas that need more focus are sharing ideas and exciting others. 

Supporting and energising your work. Where your values are aligned with your business you will find that they support and energise your work. For example, if you have a value of trust you feel trusted by your employees and clients and you trust them.

It may be that some of your values are aligned, whereas others are not. If this is the case you will be happy with elements of your work but not others. The more you can align your values with your business the happier you will be in all areas of your life. 

Some values that have been tested due to the Covid pandemic are resilience, adaptability, and compassion. One factor that customers look for in a business is the values they represent. 

You can show your company’s values through small gestures in your day-to-day business operations. 

For example, if you’re someone who owns a restaurant or wellness clinic, you can provide complimentary hot towels and wipes to customers. This is a tiny effort on your part that can earn massive positive results and loyal customers for your business. 

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