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Has social media changed marketing forever?

  Oshiklenz   Dec 07, 2021   News   0 Comment

Has social media changed marketing forever?

Has social media changed marketing forever? With Facebook having 2.89 billion active users as of the second quarter of 2021. It’s undeniable that social media has changed Marketing forever. Back in the day, TV ads, newspapers, and radio were all that businesses rely on to market their products and services. 

Now social media has taken over the marketing world by storm and we’re all there for it. This article will discuss key points of how social media changed how the world sees marketing. 

Understanding the audience. Social media has opened an entirely new world of data that is useful for business owners. Businesses from different industries have pages on Facebook and other sites where millions of people can “like” it. Leave comments, and consequently collect a treasure trove of information. They can now have access to what consumers like, want, and need. This new understanding means they can veer away from traditional marketing models. Campaigns now lead with consumers’ needs rather than brands. 

Fostering Relationships. Social media offers invaluable opportunities to different businesses to connect with their existing customers and reach out to their target market on a more personal level. By responding instantly to feedback and engaging in conversation, brands build a loyal following. Something that’s almost unheard of in traditional marketing tactics. People want to be heard and understood and social media gives them just that. 

Eliminating the middleman. For years, businesses relied on “middlemen”, such as reporters, newspaper reviewers, and more recently bloggers to ultimately determine what’s to be expected of a product. The brands could control advertising, but they were powerless in finding out what consumers actually thought of it. With social media, brands can now not only control the message but can also monitor and engage in conversation with customers in real-time.  

Allows for feedback. One of the main drawbacks of traditional marketing was that it was only a one-way street. A business owner never got to see how the prospective and current customers felt about the business or their marketing efforts. Now, social media allows people to view posts and comments about the business. This helps businesses change their marketing efforts if they receive negative feedback. 

Access to a global market. A small store is no longer just known to the locals of that specific area or region. Through the aid of social media, a small business can now be known to people of different parts of the world without having to spend large sums of money. 

This type of marketing would know no boundaries of local or international aspects. This is a privilege that is now available to every business that once was possible for only the most successful and top businesses. 

However, despite the ease given by social media, there are still some marketing tactics that are priceless in the eyes of customers. Some of these are just simple gestures like providing hot towels and wet wipes in your establishment. This helps especially if you own a restaurant, clinic, or wellness spa. 

This makes customers feel special not to mention it’s a very human approach. If you’re planning to do this in your business and you’re looking for suppliers, Oshiklenz can help you. 

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