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First Class on a Budget

  Oshiklenz   Apr 30, 2021   News   0 Comment

First Class on a Budget

When you say ‘First Class’ people instantly think of luxury and the highest class offered by a business. In airlines, flying first class translates to reclining seats with more legroom, workstation, TV surrounded by privacy dividers, unlimited refreshments, and a lot of other extras.

However, you can also offer first-class services to your customers without the need for premium rates. This article will discuss how you can provide the first-class service on a budget. 

Customers are the lifeblood of any business so treating them well should always be on top of your priorities. When your business regularly exceeds expectations, this can boost customer satisfaction and retention. 

Excellent first-class service should start at the enquiry stage and be maintained throughout the entire customer experience. The benefits will be substantial – boosting your reputation leading to customer referrals. 

Hire the right people. You may think that this is self-explanatory and need no further elaboration, but a lot of businesses are way too careless in their hiring processes. 

It’s important to think about who you’re bringing into the team. They are the ones who constantly deal with your customers and give a face to your business. Needless to say, hiring the right people can make or break your business. 

Personalized service. Another way to make your customers feel extra special is personalization. Get to know your customers and develop relationships with them. 

Show them you care about them and their experience at your establishment. Ask about their feedback with a promise that you’re doing your best in order to deliver the best service possible. 

If a customer sets an appointment and fails to show up, instead of feeling disappointed, call them to know the reason and offer to reschedule without additional fees. 

Keep your establishment fresh. Aside from updating your establishment on a regular basis so it remains cutting edge and modern, you must also maintain cleanliness at all times. Especially during these times, it’s essential to have a sanitized environment. 

By investing in new equipment whenever you can and keeping the whole place clean, it shows your customers that you are dedicated to keeping their experience top-notch. 

Find ways to provide complimentary customer extras. In order to convert your customers to loyal fans and ambassadors, you must provide as much value for their money as possible. 

Make a list of little complimentary items you can offer that doesn’t cost much but will be appreciated by your customers. Consider providing a sanitation station with alcohol and hand sanitizers, have a pitcher of cucumber and lemon water always available. 

Another great way to provide the first-class service on a budget is providing hot towels to your customers especially if you are operating a restaurant, spa, or dental clinic. 

This is where Oshiklenz comes in. We provide a wide array of hot towels, sanitation wipes, towel warmers and chillers and so much more! We can also arrange special considerations for your business in line with the pandemic. 

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