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Can You Put Wet Towels in a Towel Warmer?

  Oshiklenz   Jul 20, 2020   News   0 Comment

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If you own a business in Australia that belongs to the service industry like restaurants, spas, or dental clinics, you may already own a towel warmer or looking to buy new ones. In order to prolong the life of your equipment, there’s one important question that you may be asking: Can you put wet towels in a towel warmer? 

The Short Answer

The short answer to this question is YES. You need to use damp/wet or pre-moistened towels in your towel warmer. However, it doesn’t mean that you will put soaking wet towels in your towel warmer. It may ruin your appliance. Remember: Do not saturate them. You need to wring them out before putting it inside the towel warmer.  

The reason behind this is, if you put a dry towel inside the towel warmer, you run the risk of fire if it gets too dried out. Plus, you will shorten the lifespan of the unit. 

However, one of the things that you should be careful with is to maintain that the inside of your towel warmer is always dry to avoid mould. One helpful habit is to put the towels in about an hour before you need them to be ready and turn them off after you’re done for the day. This is important because even if you put in wet or damp towels, they would eventually dry out and then the heat given off by the towel warmer can cause the towels to catch fire. 

It also helps to leave the door open for a while when you turn it off (after cleaning it with a damp cloth). This is to help make sure it doesn’t get mouldy or stinky because that’s definitely bad for business.

Cleanliness of Your Warmer

Always keep in mind that a clean hot towel warmer is the mark of a professional facility. Where the health and well-being of the client is a top priority. Even in places that the client may never see, such as the inside of your towel warmer. 

You want your clients to be using clean hot towels that are prepared the right way and from a clean towel warmer that is totally sanitized and free of mould and mildew. 

Listen to Australias Leading Supplier of Hot towels and Hot towel Warmers

At Oshiklenz all our towels, except for dry airline towels, are pre-moistened for your convenience. This eliminates many of the issues, like mould and dry towels, excessive moisture in the warmer. We have found that convenience is a huge factor hence the reason we provide this solution.

Here at Oshiklenz, we make sure to educate our future and present clients on how to properly care for their towel warmers in order to maximize the money they spent in buying them. You can also check out this article if you’re wondering if towel warmers are worth it. Or this one if you would like to know what’s the best towel warmers out there.   

A Towel warmer is a must-have for any restaurant, gaming facility, dental clinic, and beauty salons. Therefore make sure that you buy only the best ones from the most reputable sellers like Oshiklenz. You should also learn how to properly care for your towel warmers to help prolong their lifespan.

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