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Building Loyal Customers

  Oshiklenz   Jun 01, 2021   News   0 Comment

Building Loyal Customers, in the wake of the new normal where nearly every business is on social media, customer loyalty has taken on new meaning. It’s now easier for customers to switch brands or try alternatives, how can your business ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty? 

This article will give you tips and explore how you can maintain customer satisfaction and turn everyone who’s done business with you into loyal customers. 

Understanding your customers. Before you can even think about how you can turn your customers into brand ambassadors, it’s important to understand the consumer mindset. 

As a business, you must be familiar with what’s going on in their minds and how that affects their decision-making. Always remember that customers buy with emotion and justify them with logic. 

This requires a rich understanding of consumer psychology and a change in the organizational mindset that puts customers at its core. 

Make customers a part of your company’s mission. Consumers nowadays are becoming more socially responsible especially in light of the pandemic. 

You should provide opportunities for your customers to become part of your mission through charitable donations and actions they can take to do their part. 

Adopt a customer-centric culture. Having a customer-centric culture means you make customers the focal point when making decisions. 

Businesses that choose to adopt this culture live and breathe their customers and are laser-focused on providing amazing customer experiences. 

Build a relationship with your customers. Customers are more likely to be loyal if they feel valued. Some simple yet impactful steps you can take are: Sending messages on their birthday and personalized emails. 

It’s also important to be transparent with your customers about your business. Are you currently undergoing some problems? Let them know. Did you just make some changes in leadership? Send a personalized announcement to your customers so they can feel they are valued. 

Encourage customer feedback. In addition to having an excellent relationship with your customers, another way to make them loyal to your business is by encouraging customer reviews. 

Of course, you also need to do your part by providing a great customer experience every single time. Make sure anyone who faces customers is paying attention to their needs. 

Provide personalized service. Personalize all communications with your customers be it through emails, telephone, and in person.  

You can also give high-value customers more perks like giving each of them a named account manager. Another simple step you can do is to provide personal sanitation products that are available for all your customers. 

If you own a salon, clinic, or restaurant you can put hot wet towels strategically in your establishment. This can be used not only for cleaning their hands but also to relieve some tension and refresh your customers. 

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