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Amidst the Pandemic: How Border Re-Opening Impacts Inbound Tourism Globally

  Oshiklenz   Jun 01, 2022   News   0 Comment

How Border Re-Opening Impacts Inbound Tourism Globally

How Border Re-Opening Impacts Inbound Tourism Globally. After more than two years since the pandemic, borders are slowly re-opening and this brings changes to inbound tourism that have suffered the biggest blow. 

Travel plans are changing and more and more people are starting to book international flights once again. How are these changes impacting inbound tourism which has been struggling over the past two years? 

One of the major industries that had immediate and major consequences during the pandemic is the tourism industry. Travel restrictions and the closing of borders. Have resulted in the severe decline of tourism businesses and the loss of jobs. 

Now, with more and more countries re-opening their respective borders it’s anticipated that inbound tourism will experience an increase. But how does this affect the tourism industry and in relation to other businesses that are directly connected to tourism like restaurants, resorts, and other tourist attractions?

Many experts around the world seem to be in agreement that tourism and businesses directly connected to them may struggle to recover. However, they are optimistic that these industries will pick up soon. Especially with the re-opening of borders and more tourists are getting confident to travel outside of their respective countries. 

Many countries are signaling that they can no longer economically afford – or are no longer willing – to stay closed. In addition, more than half (54%) of the world’s population is now vaccinated. Medical treatments can successfully thwart and treat severe infections. 

Not only are borders being re-opened, but some countries are already open to international travelers. Are also moving further to relax entrance requirements. They have announced plans of dropping test requirements for vaccinated travelers. 

After the unprecedented drop in 2020 and 2021, inbound tourism is now expected to continue its gradual recovery in 2022. In support of this, there are key factors emerging that can help shape global tourism. 

Focus on outdoor destinations. With travelers being largely confined to their homes for more than two years, they are longing for a change of scenery. 

The desire to travel is very strong, after all the need to explore is inherent to human nature. 

Responsible travel. The great pause forced by the pandemic gave us a glimpse of the world with a more sustainable way of living. As consumers take the opportunity to rethink how their activities. Including travel – interaction with natural resources they increasingly double down on sustainability. 

As a result, consumers increasingly seek destinations and travel options. That are aligned with their green values and the commitment to minimise their impact on the planet. 

Leisure travel will lead the recovery. It’s anticipated that leisure travel will lead to a recovery in the tourism and travel sector. 

As remote work takes hold, people realise it does not necessarily mean working from home but working from anywhere. This gives them the freedom to travel to any place they want while still being able to do their work obligations. 

As a result of this uptick in inbound tourism. Businesses that cater to tourists are slowly getting back on their feet as well. Restaurants, resorts, casinos, and even wellness spas are already feeling the effects of re-opening borders. 

This is why business owners are looking for ways to improve their services. Simple gestures like providing hot towels and wet wipes go a long way especially if you are running a restaurant or spa. 

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