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5 Reasons Why People Use Hot Towels (and why you should too)

  Oshiklenz   Jun 03, 2020   News   0 Comment

Have you heard of Oshibori? For those who are not familiar, Oshibori literally translates to “wet wipe” or what we call hot towels. It’s commonly used in Japan in restaurants, bars, offices, salons and anywhere where you want to spoil your customer or make a good impression. Oshiklenz came from the word Oshibori plus Cleanliness (Oshi+Klenz). A play on words but paying homage to the origin of the hot towel concept. If you have dined in a Japanese restaurant in Australia or anywhere else in the world, chances are you have already encountered the use of hot or cold towels.

Aside from restaurants, other sectors of the service industry have also started using hot towels such as airlines, hotels, salons, and spas to separate themselves from the competition and impress their clients. As you can imagine, Oshibori or hot towels are well received by customers because of the warm feeling and comfort it brings. 

If you’re still on the fence or hesitant if hot towels are for you, read on and learn about some of the reasons why people choose to use and indulge themselves with hot towels

1. It feels like a warm hug

Imagine yourself walking alone on a cold winter day and you decided to go into a spa to get a massage. As you get seated, a hot towel is handed to you and you feel a warm comfort almost instantly. 

Just like a good massage, hot towels provide comfort, relaxation, and also make you feel special and cared for. Warmth is such a unique and healing quality. 

2. Keep your hands clean on-the-go

For hygienic purposes, it’s best to always keep a few of our towels or wipes in your bag. Aside from alcohol and sanitizing spray that tends to dry out your skin, hot towels can help in keeping your hands clean while maintaining your skin moisturized. Some of our towels are 100% cotton with essential oils, we have wipes that are 100% biodegradable including the packaging and we have dry airline towels that we supply to the airline industry. We have the right towel for your situation.

Especially during these times when people are extra cautious about hygiene, it’s a must to always carry hot towels with you. 

3. Stand out from the crowd

Business today is ultra-competitive. Every business is fighting for the same customer and looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. No one wants to get in a price war with their competition and have to reduce their margins so many people look to Oshiklenz to provide them with a hot or cold towel solution, We help our customers by offering them a towel solution that they can offer their customers to make them feel special and leave a good impression.

4. Simple and Easy

Our towels come individually wrapped and ready to put in either a towel warmer or chiller ready to serve, There is minimal fuss, just open the door and hand one to your customer. It is an easy addition to any restaurant, barbershop, salon, beauty spa, dentist etc. Our Warmers and chillers are the best in the industry. They are made in Japan and come with a fantastic warranty,

5. Cost-Effective

Oshiklenz is different from a laundered towel service that makes you sign a contract or forces you to order minimum amounts of towels. Our towels and wipes are single-use, individually wrapped and have a long shelf life due to the unique packaging we use. Waste is non-existent with our system so you only pay for what you use. Making a customer happy is priceless and our towels are economical enough that they suit most businesses. Environmental awareness is top of mind and at Oshiklenz we have worked hard to secure towels that are biodegradable, to further reinforce our commitment to the environment.


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