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3 Key Ways How Customers Expectations Changed in 2020

  Oshiklenz   Feb 02, 2021   News   0 Comment

3 Key Ways How Customers Expectations Changed in 2020

If there’s a phrase that has become a part of everyone’s vocabulary in 2020, it’s no other than “new normal”. You may ask, how will this affect my business? Well, as we embark on the so-called new normal we will expound on. 3 ways how the happenings in 2020 changed customer’s expectations. 3 Key Ways How Customers Expectations Changed in 2020.

Online presence required

At least during the past decade but most especially in 2020. it’s expected that every business has a website or at least social media pages. It’s already a basic requirement especially during lockdowns when customers can’t and won’t leave their homes. Everything from groceries to scheduling spa treatments should be available for customers online. 3 Key Ways How Customers Expectations Changed in 2020.

A well functioning website does not only serve as a gateway for order fulfilment. But it can also help in familiarizing your customers with your business. Check out our own website here. So if you haven’t already, we suggest you take care of your business’ online presence right now. 

Customers expect innovation

Aside from the new normal, another buzzword in 2020 is the words pivot and innovate. Customers expect businesses to come up with new things to offer in light of the situation. 

For example, restaurants have started offering ready-to-cook versions of their specialties. So their customers can still enjoy restaurant-level food in the comfort of their own homes. Wellness establishments now offer home services subject to health and safety protocols, of course. 

No matter what your business is. You can find new ways of offering your products or services to your customers. Once you figure this out, you will not run out of business despite the pandemic. 

More personalized customer service

It’s safe to say that everyone had a rough time in 2020. And because of this customers expect a more personalized customer experience. There are innovations when it comes to customer service. And customer interactions like AI and chatbots that you can maximize for your business. 

Since face-to-face interactions are still minimal in some places. Providing a personalized customer experience albeit in a virtual setting will score big points for you in the eyes of your customers. This will make them feel that they are appreciated. And you’re taking all steps to make them feel that they are valued. 

Bottom line, even though 2020 has been tough for most of us. There are still ways for your business to thrive. One thing to always remember is to put the needs of your customers above everything else. Because they are the fuel that will keep your business running. 

Here at oshiklenz, we make sure that customer convenience is our top priority so we have arranged. Personalized services that will take a load off your shoulders. You can now schedule regular deliveries so you won’t have to call us every time you run out of supplies. All you have to do is contact us at (+61) 2 9533 2211. Or email and our customer representatives will be glad to assist you. 

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