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Why You Should Use How Towels in Your Dental Practice

  Oshiklenz   Sep 04, 2020   Blog   0 Comment

Why You Should Use How Towels in Your Dental Practice

Should use Towels in Your Dental Practice?

Hot towels were traditionally used in service-based businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, and spas. In this article, we will explore why dentists are also starting to use hot towels in their practices. Let’s see why Towels in Your Dental Practice….

A hot towel that comes directly from a hot towel warmer is an excellent way to make a dentist appointment extra special. It’s common knowledge that going to the dentist has already gained a reputation. For being a scary and even traumatic experience for some. 

That’s why being rewarded with a warm, comfortable towel can make a big difference and can earn you loyal customers and a lot of new ones. Towels in Your Dental Practice will set you apart from other dental practices out there. 

How do your patients feel?

Imagine, towards the end of your client’s treatment, a fresh warm towel is waiting for them instead of regular paper towels that are commonly used in other practices. That will be memorable for them, to say the least. 

A soothing hot towel placed around the neck during procedures is also a great way to relax a nervous and anxious patient. Your dental hygienist can just pop the towels in the hot towel cabinet and they come out hot and ready to use. This makes your patients feel that their comfort is important to you. 

Having amenities like a hot towel also reduces tension and increases feelings of relaxation. We have our own lives as proof to back it up. Towels in Your Dental Practice can make your patients feel warm, cozy, and comfortable, you feel better. 

An even better way….

There’s an even better way to improve the experience of your dental patients. Here at Oshiklenz, we have aroma chips that you can use along with our hot towels. Compared to the usual dental practices with a “clinical” smell, your clinic will smell like fresh flowers. Or a warm day on the beach or walk in the forest. This can further remove stress and instead, your patients will equate a dental appointment to a pleasurable experience that they look forward to instead of avoiding. 

Other ideas that complement the practice of providing hot towels to your patients are: offering hot or cold beverages, playing soothing music, and an ultra-comfortable dentist chair. 

However, we know what you’re thinking. This is just another costly investment for you that is really not important after all. That’s why here at Oshiklenz we think about our customers so we recently released package deals that will give you big savings while bringing comfort to your patients. 

Some of our clients who have already tried using this in their dental clinics have received the following feedback. Here is what their patrons said:

“It’s like flying first class…”

“It’s just like being in a fancy restaurant”

“I can really get used to this…”

“It was really fun, actually…”

This goes to show that patients really appreciate simple gestures like providing them with comfy hot towels after a procedure. And it’s an investment that will pay for itself without you even realizing it. 

If you have questions about our products or are wondering how we can help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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