Ozuki Premium Cooking Paper



Product Size : 80 sheets / 28 x 24 cm
Packing Size : 6 bags x 2 rolls / ctn
Material : Japan Premium Paper
Colour : Creamy White

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  • Food contact safe
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Filtration Strength
  • Ensures Freshness
  • Low Lint


Ozuki cooking paper is made from 100% wood pulp.

Ozuki cooking paper is non-stick, food-contact safe, breathable and possesses strong filtration and absorbency capabilities. It helps to enhance food freshness by absorbing excess fluid during defrosting and preparation of raw food. It can help to reduce your daily fat and calories intake when absorbing oil from fried food or soup surface. Additionally, it can function as an oil filter for your used oil to remove small particles and to keep the oil clean for future usage.

Ozuki cooking paper helps to prolong food freshness and retain food moisture. For example, you may wrap the cooking paper around your vegetables before placing it in the fridge, or as a freshness seal over your food during microwave reheating to retain moisture and prevent the food from drying up too quickly. You may also tie it up and use it as a bouquet garni in preparation for casseroles, stocks, sauces or soups. Alternatively, it can be used throughout your cooking process to clean cooking accessories and tools such as chopping boards and knives.

Ozuki cooking paper is low lint hence it will not easily leave paper residue on your food. Most kitchen towels in the market do not have non-stick properties and are not food contact safe. Hence, if the kitchen towel is used as an underlay for fried food and frozen items, you can expect your food to stick to the paper. Another differentiating point is the cooking paper’s ability to filter particles from sauces and soup that the kitchen towel is unable to.

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