Disposable Single Use Hot Towels

Oshiklenz offers a complete range of 100% bio-degradable, disposable single use Cotton Oshibori Towels, Dry Airline Towels, Japanese Washi Oshibori Towelettes and HACCP certified Oshiklenz Smart towel Hysoflex towelettes. Our towels come pre-moistened and can be lightly scented for convenient hygiene and freshness. Each disposable Oshibori towel is rolled and individually packaged and can be used as Hot towels or Cold towels in an endless number of applications, including; Camping/Outdoor Activities, Sports, Restaurants, Catering, Dentists, Beauticians, Gyms, Airlines, Medical, Hotels, Boardrooms, Casinos, Gaming lounges and more!

Oshiklenz Oshibori Towels are perfect for freshening up before or after a meal, after a dentist appointment, after sports, restaurant dining or outdoor activities. They make wiping grubby hands and faces a breeze and are perfect for removing beauty products or simply as a refreshing ‘pick-me up’ during your busy day.
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